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Data Privacy Statement

Current version (as of March 2023)

Older versions (as of February 2022, as of February 2021,  as of December 2018,  as of May 2018)

Cookie list for marketing and social media (consent required)

List of essential technical cookies

(no consent required)

Name Source Storage period Reason
cookieconsent_(*) Cookie Consent 31 days Saves your cookie decisions
_cflb Cloudflare 365 days Load Balancer assignment
_cfduid Cloudflare 365 days WebFireWall assignment
fe_typo_user Typo3 CMS Session or 7 days Login as registered user etc.
PHPSESSID Typo3 CMS Session Session of a PHP application (shopping basket, watch list, etc.)
JSESSIONID Webapps Session Session of a Java application (shopping basket, watch list, etc.)